Our trade is the design, manufacture and installation of intelligent and communicating sensor-based instruments and systems. Our applications are in the fields of environment and safety.


nke SA is a company financially independent. The size of nke SA allows it to have a strong reactivity.

nke brings together in one team an engineering and design department of 30 employees, with a strong expertise, by realizing complete products, and an integration unit. This proximity allow to give the engineering department a real field knowledge, and the production : a high reactivity and product customization.

With it know-how in various fields, nke SA always offers original solutions that combine the resources of mechanic, electronic and software.

nke is certified ISO 9001 which cover all design and manufacturing operations.

The group is divided in three subsidiaries :

  • nke Instrumentation : aimed at measuring the quality of seawater on the planet, in lakes and freshwater reservoirs
  • nke Marine Electronics : safety for the autopilot system of sailboats and MOB.
  • nke Watteco : Control of heating and ventilation systems, based especially on renewable e;nergies. Measuring energy consumption in buildings. Safety for the applications of partner customers.